Is Guatemala a safe place to travel?
There is no getting around it – crime exists everywhere in the world, and Guatemala is no exception. Petty theft is more prevalent than violent crime for travelers. As with any city in any country, you just have to be careful and use common sense. Carlos and his tour guides are locals, meaning they know the safest areas, as well as the areas to avoid. Since Carlos started giving guided tours in 1997, he has operated without incident. GuatemalanGuide tour guides will provide you with all you need to know to provide you with a worry-free experience.
Where are the best destinations to travel in Guatemala?
Destinations are all according to personal needs. Carlos and his guides can recommend destinations based on your interests. The best option is to speak to us personally to give you personalized tour service.
Will Carlos be on every trip?
It is his goal and passion to personally lead every tour. But because of his growing popularity, it isn’t always possible. However, all tour guides from GuatemalanGuide are hand-picked by Carlos. All tour guides are bilingual.
What happens if my flight isn’t on time?
Not to worry! Carlos tracks all inbound flights the day of travel, so he knows if your flight is on time or running behind. He will be at the airport to pick you up, sign in hand – regardless of how late your flight is.
Do I need to bring a car seat for my infant/toddler?
We can provide a car seat if you let us know at least 48 hours in advance of your arrival. GuatemalanGuide is a family-friendly tour company, and we encourage bringing children to see our beautiful country.
Are medical services provided locally in Guatemala?
Medical services are very modern and available in the city. In most cases, prescription drugs are available without a doctor’s prescription. We recommend you speak to your physician or medical care professional prior to travel.
Is airfare included in the price of travel?
That depends on the package you choose. Typically, prices only include in-country travel. However, GuatemalanGuide can make airfare accommodations if requested. Email for information.
I\'ve heard about Guatemala\'s chicken buses. Will I really be traveling with farm animals?
Multi-colored camionetas (converted U.S. school buses) have affectionately been dubbed \"chicken buses\" by generations of budget travelers. You might be packed in like livestock, but the passengers will be human.
Will I be able to find my favorite products here (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, over-the-counter medicines, etc.)?
Guatemala sells some name-brand products, but not as many as typically found in other countries. If you have a question about any product sold here or you have any special requests or needs, just ask the team (
What is the best time of the year to visit Guatemala?
Any time! Guatemala is a great destination for travelers all year round. The country is known as the land of the “eternal spring.” In most areas, Guatemala provides a lovely climate and beautiful atmosphere.
Is it safe to eat local food and drink water from the tap?
Just like anywhere you travel, different bacteria exist in foods and water. Bottled water is essential and available everywhere. Be cautious about where you eat. Carlos and his guides can provide suggestions of places to eat…and places to avoid.
Should I exchange money at the airport?
No!! They charge too much! It is best to exchange your money at banks. (And don’t be alarmed by the armed guards at the door – they’re here for your protection.)
What is the homestay like?
The village of Totonicapan is well known for its artisans. The homestay is a unique opportunity to experience authentic village life and old-fashioned Mayan hospitality. Accommodations are simple, almost like camping indoors. There is no electricity, but they do have flush toilets. Meals include local favorites such as rice, beans, vegetables, and eggs. Most villagers do not speak English, but Carlos will help you communicate.
Can I ask questions along the way?
Carlos and his team of tour guides are all personable and very knowledgeable! We encourage questions – in English or Spanish. We treat our clients like friends, showing you the major highlights and the local treasures.
What type of food is typical of Guatemala?
Grilled beef, chicken, rice, beans, tortillas, tropical fruit, and fresh vegetables are some of the standard foods travelers can expect in Guatemala. A few Mexican dishes such as tamales and tacos are also common.

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