Antigua Guatemala Walking Tour

Antigua Guatemala Walking Tour

The Antigua Walking tour will let you discover the secrets behind the walls of this beautiful city built in 1543. Discover Antigua’s architecture, culture, and religious practices on a guided walking tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn about Mayan ethnic groups, volcanoes and earthquakes in Guatemala, Spanish colonization, and more on this walking tour. This guided tour is ideal for history buffs and first-time visitors alike, this guided walking tour provides an excellent introduction to Antigua. You will visit The Central Plaza, The Cathedral, San Francisco Church, Jade Museum and La Merced Church.

Departures: 09:00am and 02:00pm

Includes: Bilingual Guide and entrance Fees 

Guatemala has a rich history. First evidence of settlers in the region goes all the way back to 12,000 BCE! It was a main site for Mayan society in the pre-Colombian era and was settled by the Spanish as part of New Spain in 1519. Don't take photos of children without permission. Some Guatemalans are extremely cautious of this. If you want a picture, make sure to clear it with the caregiver first. Guatemala is known for its handicrafts so visiting a market is a perfect stop on any trip. Haggling is completely acceptable in this setting so brush up on your bargaining skills. Handmade textiles, silver, jade, candles, pottery, blown glass, coffee, cardamom and Ron Zacapa Centenario, Guatemala's award winning rum, are things to look out for when shopping.