Ruins of Tikal National Park

Ruins of Tikal National Park
Tikal Ruins, Flores Guatemala

The most famous of all Maya sites, Tikal was also the economic and warfar super power of The Classic Maya world, and the largest City in América during the Classic era over 1000 years ago. Amongst the many Maya sites in Central America, Tikal is perhaps the most breathtaking because of the scattered impressive buildings which have been restored in an area with many more ruined buildings still enveloped by the jungle.

Many beautiful buildings have been uncovered and many more wait to be discovered. Tikal National Park, that was created in 1955; it was the first national park in Guatemala and it was declared in 1979 as the world's first UNESCO World Heritage Monument.

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The ruins of Tikal include more than 3,000 structures extending over six square miles and including palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms, ball courts, terraces, plazas, avenues and steam baths. The ancient Maya began building Tikal around 600 B.C., and for the next 1500 years the area was an important religious, scientific, and political center.

Located about half an hour from the entrance of the National Park is the charming town of Flores, with its pastel-colored buildings, enjoys a scenic setting on Lake Peten Itza.and serves as a gateway to explore the immediate area.

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