Guatemala Celebrates Semana Santa - Holy Week

Semana Santa is the Spanish term for Holy Week, the week preceding Easter in the Catholic calendar.  Semana Santa commemorates the last week of Jesus' life, beginning with His arrival in Jerusalem, celebrated on Palm Sunday, and culminating in His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Guatemala is alive during the entire season of lent, processions and  Alfombra’s is the Spanish word for “carpet” and that’s exactly what these temporary, organic pieces of street art are meant to be–fancy carpets that pave the way for elaborate Semana Santa floats.

Guatemala is nearly 90 percent Catholic, so this religious holiday takes on a special meaning that the entire community shares and participates in Guatemala and many other Catholic Spanish-speaking countries are known for their elaborate processions and celebrations during Semana Santa. For more information about this amazing event be sure to check out our facebook and instagram pages.